Meet the vendor!

Meet the vendor!

Meet Christian Leyva Jorge, who owns a shop on a side street off the main drag of Calle Sagarnaga. As we stood surrounded by shelves packed to the brim with silver and Incan pottery, Christian told us how he was living in a small village called Llallagua (in the department of Potosí), when a traveling antiques-dealer with a beautiful daughter came to town. Instantly smitten, Christian and the antique dealer’s daughter were soon married and moved to La Paz. When his mother-in-law, noting that her new son-in-law was unemployed, told Christian that he couldn't live on love alone ("no puedes vivir solo de amor"), he took the hint and asked her to teach him the antiquing trade, which she gladly did.

Cantuta Manta Pin

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Destination: La Paz, Bolivia

Don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers! With a bloom right under your nose, it shouldn’t be a problem. Purchased from Christian Leyva Jorge, we named this pin after the Cantuta, one of the two national Bolivian flowers, whose colors match the country’s flag, and according to a famous Incan legend, symbolize both hope and unity.


A long time ago, two kings named Illimani and Illampu ruled over great kingdoms in what is today the Bolivian Altiplano. Though both were rich and powerful in their own right, each king suffered terrific jealousy a... Read More

Details and Dimensions

Silver Alloy
9.5" L

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