Put it together!

Put it together!

Kinare-Kinare Original Lithograph (1963)

Sold Out!

One of a Kind!

Destination: Mumbai, India

Here we have not a love triangle, but a love square. Puran and Kamal are two guys who fall in love with Neelu while they’re working on her dad’s farm. If it wasn’t enough to compete with each other, they also have to worry about their wealthy neighbor Thakur Manohar, who likes Neelu so much he tries to kill Kamal not once, but twice—after which Kamal runs away to Mumbai, leaving a note that identifies himself as a wanted killer. Meanwhile Neelu’s own heart is convulsed not only with love for Kamal, but also with thrombosis, and the doctors have instructed her to avoid any emotional involvement. When Puran, sent to Mumbai to find Kamal, tells his frenemy that Neelu won’t marry him on account of her imminent expiry date, Kamal returns to Neelu and asks her to reconsider. She does, and ends up going to Switzerland to take the cure, only to have the police arrest her fiancée on their wedding day. Now who might you think is suspected of turning him in? With the traumatic events that follow, one wonders if Neelu is sorry she ever got herself cured in the first place.


What do you get when you pack an ill-fated love triangle, a conniving villain, multiple kidnappings, and a supernatural sidekick, all into three hours of non-stop song-and-dance? That would be a Bollywood film. Produc... Read More

Details and Dimensions

33" W, 43" H
Original lithograph
Very fragile, tearing around edges.

Sold Out!
As Seen On
Sf_chronicle Houzz Cn_traveler Refinery29 Thrillist Afar

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