• If the ancient red walls of Marrakech could talk it wouldn't be about the conquering invaders of the past, but about the legends of today, like Ezzaikai Badou who led the Marrakech soccer team to victory in 2006.

  • In this soccer crazed city, everyone from kids to grandmothers crowd around street-side televisions to watch Real Madrid v. Barcelona. Their true loyalties however, lie with their home team, KACM (Kawkab Athletic Club of Marrakech).

  • The most devoted fans of KACM are the Ultras Crazy Boys, whose art dominates the city walls. Perhaps not the spray-painted, graffiti of popular global street artists, these murals of a snarling boy sporting the KACM team colors with his arms held high, watching over the city, are art too.

  • A backdrop to the daily life of the city, what is seen on the street walls is an odd mix of what was, and what's now. Ancient sandstone meet fresh paint, French meets Arabic, art meets purpose.

  • On the surface of one wall, a painted Crazy Boy looks down the street, as fresh-dyed leather dries in the sun below.

  • Crazy Boys aren't just regular fans, they're Ultra Crazy Boys. The term Ultras is derived from Latin, means “beyond,” and has been used throughout soccer-loving-lands to describe those fans whose enthusiasm left normal a long time ago.

  • Ultras are loyal beyond else, and they never miss a match. At the moment, you're likely to see the Crazy Boys fresh from the barbershop, all sporting Mohawks and their teams' red jersey as they make their way to the Marrakech Stadium.

  • In the case that someone should be visiting for the first time, or a person should get turned around walking the city streets, the art of the Ultras Crazy Boys will surely be there to remind them just whose city they are in.

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