• And we all thought the food cart was such a novel idea. As it turns out, Indians have been chowing down street-side for decades, if not centuries. The savory snacks sold in the makeshift stalls by the side of the road are collectively called “chaat,” a word derived variously from cāṭ (tasting, a delicacy), cāṭnā (to lick), and our personal favorite caṭṭei (to devour with relish, eat noisily). We’re just going to say it: while tales of sub-continental gastric distress abound, to miss out on street food in Mumbai would be a pity. Indigestion be damned, sometimes you just have to go for it.

  • Dahi Papdi Chaat is made out of crispy wafers of fried dough served with boiled potatoes, chickpeas, and chilis, and topped with chutney, chaat masala, and dahi (yogurt).

  • Fried peanuts or “badam vaja,” is a popular snack any hour of the day, but especially when you’ve got time to kill.

  • Panipuri, also known as golgappa, is a hollow, deep-fried ball of dough filled with potatoes, tamarind, onions, and chili, topped with chutney and sev (crisp vermicelli). Ordering panipuri will typically get you 5-8 of these toothsome little spheres. They’re traditionally eaten in a single bite, so pop one in your mouth and let the flavors explode.

  • With a flavor we’ve heard described as “tart banana,” jackfruits can weigh up to 80 pounds, making them the largest edible tree-grown fruit. While not as popular as the mango, the sight of these green, pointy specimens (they remind us of something you’d see scuba-diving) is a pretty common one. Young jackfruit is said to have a “poultry like texture” (feels like chicken?) and is often used as a meat substitute, while the sweet seeds can be roasted for a special delicacy.

  • Spicy with a slight citrus note, Channa Masala is a Punjabi dish made of chickpeas, tomatoes, chillis, and amchoor, or dried mango powder.

  • Shucked and grilled with butter and spices, this corn puts those bland, boiled ears to shame.

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