In 1889, with just two day’s notice and wearing the only dress she was taking, the dauntless reporter Nellie Bly embarked on a mission to make Phileas Fogg’s fictional 80-day journey around the world a reality. Included in her handbag were pens and paper, a pair of slippers, and a jar of cold cream. Resisting the advice of certain well-meaning folks, she did not bring a revolver. As she explained it: “I had such a strong belief in the world's greeting me as I greeted it, that I refused to arm myself.”

72 days (six hours, eleven minutes, and fourteen seconds) later, Bly would arrive in San Francisco in the same dress with the same handbag, plus one monkey purchased in Singapore.

It is with Nellie’s spirit that we at Bly set off on our own journey. Dedicated to marrying travel with design, we shop the world’s markets—from Bombay to Bukhara, and everywhere in between—curating collections of interesting objects, textiles, art and jewelry.

No matter where we go, our philosophy stays the same. At Bly, we believe in craftsmanship and one-of-a-kind and we are committed to the idea that there is something special in the hand-to-hand transaction. We believe in stories, in history and the way an object can come to encapsulate something much bigger than itself. We believe that a city is a living, breathing organism, and to get to know it you have to wander its streets, the veins that fork and converge and inevitably lead you to its heart—the marketplace.

Above all, we believe in the journey, in adventure, and coming home to a place where you can rest, reflect, and put your feet up (preferably on a handmade Moroccan ottoman).

In other words, Travel Far, Live Well.

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