The Creative Gift Guide for the Lumbersexual in Your Life

November 18, 2014

Every year the holidays roll around and we have the same dilemma: what do we get our favorite lumbersexual? Another flannel shirt? More beard oil? This year, it's time to get creative...

Based on extensive research of the lumbersexual including “The Rise of the Lumbersexual”, “Out of the Woods, Here He Comes: The Lumbersexual” and Who is the Lumbersexual, we've put together an excellent gift guide of one-of-a-kind flea market finds for the one-of-a-kind urban woodsmen.


1. Vintage Daza Spurs from La Paz, Bolivia because while he rides a fixie, he looks like he should be galloping through the woods. Also consider this  stunning embossed vintage leather saddle.

2. For pot smoking lumbersexuals from Oregon, Washington, Colorado and Alaska, this  Vintage Pipe Tobacco Box from Krakow, Poland is the perfect companion to any vaporizer.

3. Antique Brass Shiva from Mumbai, India because like the God Shiva, he's the ultimate contradiction and a beast in bed.

4. Vintage Coffee Grinder from Krakow, Poland because a cup of morning Jo just tastes better when it's ground by hand. 

5. Hand crafted scissors from Hanoi, Vietnam because it’s the perfect accessory to a MacBook Air. 

6. Vintage Beard Trimmer from La Paz, Bolivia: This one needs no explanation. 

7. Cold mountain nights are more romantic roasting marshmallows and cuddling under an  antique blanket from the High-Atlas Mountains in Morocco. 

Cover picture and endless inspiration over here.

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