Made in San Francisco: The Jeremiah Collection

December 02, 2014

Love this desk from our Krakow Lookbook? So do we! Today, we’re thrilled to give you a look behind-the-scenes with the maker, Jeremiah Nielson.


The Jeremiah Collection consists of beautiful handmade desks, credenzas and coffee tables. Each piece has the kind of clean simple lines that pair with anything. They stand out without ever overwhelming a room, and are the perfect compliment to a vintage kilm or a striking piece of art.

The simple elegance of the Jeremiah Collection comes from years of experience. A traditionally trained craftsman, Jeremiah explained that the key to his pieces is understanding proportion, a skill learned from having made furniture for almost two decades.

The son of an artist, Jeremiah who grew up in South West Utah began building stuff with wood when he was twelve, and got his first job in a woodshop at seventeen. He’s built everything from French Country to South Western, and he considers himself a “woodworker’s woodworker,” making functional pieces of furniture that fit beautifully with a variety of styles and décor.

Jeremiah is as much an entrepreneur as he is a craftsman, and his pieces, which are custom made and ship worldwide are available for sale on Etsy. His workshop is located in SOMA in San Francisco where you can stop by to view samples as well as meet his excellent team of craftsmen including Max, Mattie and Sterling.


To purchase custom made furniture from Jeremiah, head on over here!

Jeremiah’s workshop was photographed by Michael David Rose. Our Lookbook images were photographed by Kelly Ishikawa and styled by Rod Hipskind

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