Put it together!

Put it together!

Ashanti Fertility Doll

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Destination: Kumasi , Ghana

The baby’s in the bag with this traditional Ashanti fertility doll, or akuaba. Typically carried wrapped in a woman’s skirt and pressed against her back to mimic the position of an infant, the features of these akuaba correspond to cultural ideals of beauty, which they’re supposed to encourage in the baby-to-be. Interestingly enough, akuaba dolls are always female, the reason being that Akan society is matrilineal and it’s the ladies who perpetuate the family line. As for the name “akuaba,” it means “Akua’s child,” and refers to the legend of a woman by that name.


Once upon a time there was a woman named Akua who wanted desperately to have a child, but was unable to conceive. Consulting a priest, she was told to commission the carving of a wooden doll and treat the fig... Read More

Details and Dimensions

10.7" H, 4.5" W

Sold Out!
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