One of a Kind Gifts for One of a Kind People

December 05, 2014


#1: For the girl you are going to marry, who is always the first to get up and sing at karaoke, who wears her mother’s vintage sundresses and drives an old 1960s Ford pickup around the city.
This filigreed bracelet from Bukhara.

#2: For your favorite uncle who can quote Hemingway’s “The Sun Also Rises”, fanatically supports Inter Milan and once met Bono when he snuck his way into the first class lounge at Heathrow.
This silver Moroccan coffeepot.

#3: For your husband who brews his own beers, loves your cat Aristotle almost as much as he loves you and can play all of Bach’s Goldberg Variations on the piano.
This etched wooden Tuareg bowl.

#4: For your brother-in-law whose socks always match, who introduced you to your first shot of fernet and knows all the words to Drake’s ‘Closer’.
This Krakow glass liqueur decanter.

#5: For your dad who reads the economist religiously, has quite the feather and hat collection and has never missed an episode of John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight.
This antique leather Chinese hat box.

#6: For your flannel-wearing best mate who is getting married and has shocked everyone by choosing a princess wedding dress with a 5-foot train.
These vintage hair pins for the ‘big day’.


#7: For your tech-savvy cousin who moonlights as a graffiti artist and can strike up a conversation in at least three languages.
This rare signed Francisco Toledo Mexican art kite.


#8: For your sister-in-law who loves the open road, spends her spare time renovating her vintage airstream and plays a mean beat on her African drums.
This vintage rainbow colored pillow from La Paz.

#9: For your ever fashionable friend who rocked jelly bracelets in the 80s, Doc Martins in the 90s and is now enthusiastically embracing normcore.
This retro German alarm clock.

#10: For your 9 year old nephew who has a crush on a girl in the 8th grade, still sleeps with the light on and can name every constellation in the night sky.
This colorful Vietnamese elephant tapestry.


#11: For your mum who is always ready to listen to your boy troubles, who loves to eat raspberry macaroons and always smells like sandalwood.
This charming Indian teapot.

#12: For your domestic goddess sister who makes the best key-lime pie, owns a charming bulldog named Prince and knits socks for the entire family for Christmas.
This Moroccan ceramic plate

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