• Unlike most hilly cities, where rich folks build their homes on the highest ground they can find, the neighborhoods in La Paz get fancier the further down you go for the simple reason that it’s a lot warmer in the low-lying districts than in the mountains. Calacoto, way at the southern edge of La Paz, is home not only to the city’s richest denizens, but also—and probably not un-coincidentally—to some of the most political street art around. In this selection from Calacoto (which oddly enough means “pile of stones” in Aymara), Bolivian president Evo Morales is pictured twice—once with Mickey Mouse ears and again with a clown nose. One thing you can say about Bolivians—and especially the residents of La Paz—is that they know how to get a point across.

Photography by Project Bly

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